Mo, Ozzy, Marshall, and Malcom taking naps and having fun!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


We took a mini vacation up to Wolf Creek this weekend. We left Thursday and stayed until about noon today. We went with Austin's family. I was a little worried Marshall might be a tough cookie, but he had a blast! Marshall wants to learn to walk, but for now he pulls himspelf up to stand. This is a pretty standard view of our bug . . . .

He really loved playing with his cousins. His favorite is "Ninny", or Sidney, the almost two-year old. He is learning to defend himself from "D", Dante, his really big one-year-old cousin. They played together pretty well, and Dad was a good sport about joining in.

I was eating a RedVine and Marshall is now in a phase where he's like to eat whatever we're eating, so this happened. :)

Isn't he cute? Austin loves to put him in Broncos gear. I'm pretty sure Austin could tell you how many days until pre season starts.

We were very careful parents about putting sunscreen on Marshall every day, especially since we spent at least an hour a day in the outdoor pool, but Mom and Dad forgot out pink selves. (You should see our shoulders . . . ouch!)

Marshall is learning to be his Mommy's boy and like books. He liked this one about puppies a lot. He's learned to say "dog", but it applies universally to anything fuzzy. We'll have to see what he calls cousin Phillip next weekend!

Ummmm, possibly a sugar high.

Marshall LOVES to go to the grocery store, so it made his day when Mom wanted chocolate, so we went to the tiny supermarket. He flirted with the checker until she gave him a lollly.

The checker was nice enough to give us a butterscotch sucker, so it didn't look nearly as sticky as it was. He had a death grip on the thing. We had quite a time getting him out of his carseat, and then we had to wait until the sucker was gone before he'd eat!

Poor Marshall had late nights. He's a little sleepy in this pic!
We wish we'd gotten some pictures of Marshall in the pool. He LOVED it! He especially liked to lay on his tummy in the water, kick, splash, put his face in the water, and blow bubbles. Super cute. BUT, Ninny likes to throw things, so we elected not to take the camera to the pool this week. :) We'll take pictures of Marshall in the pool on the Rexburg trip in July for sure. Maybe I'll cave and buy him a little pool for the backyard before then.
Well, Marshall's happy to be home, but sad to miss his aunties and cousins and Grandma and Grandpa, so we're going to have to go de-cranky him now. :) Thanks for checking our blog!


My hubby loves 'em . . . .