Mo, Ozzy, Marshall, and Malcom taking naps and having fun!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

This One is Mine, Mom

My Dad works for HP and was able to get us a mini - a notebook that is pretty much just for internet stuff. This is great because we have to keep the big desktop in the basement because Marshall likes to push all the buttons (he already broke the CD drive). With my Etsy stuff, its much nicer to have a laptop to use really quick when I get a minute. A mini is, well, little! And since it is a little version of something bigger, Marshall is pretty sure its his. After we e-mailed grandpa this morning, I went to get dressed while Marshall watched Mickey Mouse. I had left the mini closed and on the back of the sofa. This is what he was up to when I came back.

He is very happy with his computer skills. You wouldn't believe the super secret key strokes this kid has figured out! :)

He's been really good with it, so I can't complain. He uses one finger most of the time and tries to make the touchpad work. :)
April 22, 2010

Not Ready to Be Big

Marshall loves his room. Especially since we freecycled a bunch of toys he didn't play with anymore and made more room to play. His crib is still in toddler bed mode, even though he only gets to sleep in his real toddler bed now. Apparently, he still misses it. Almost every day he gets very quiet and when I go in his room to check on him, this is what I find . . . .
Isn't that funny? He just wants to snuggle in his crib.
When I found him in there yesterday, I asked him what he was doing and he ran up to me, hugged my legs and said, "Baby, baby, baby!" I think the translation is, "Can I be the baby a little longer?" Ok, Marshall. You can be a baby. You have plenty of time to be big.
April 21, 2010

I am just like Dad!

In case you didn't know, Austin is a HUGE Denver Broncos fan . . . and one of his favorite players, Brandon Marshall (no, we didn't name our kid after him - it's a family name that just worked out that way) was recently traded to the Miami Dolphins. We were hoping for Seahawks, but they didn't exactly ask our opinion. Anyhow, this meant that Brandon Marshall Broncos jerseys are super cheap . . . and still useful for our little guy! So this is what Austin bought for Marshall . . .
No, he's not crying . . . he's saying cheese. :)

He's really pleased to be wearing a jersey like Daddy's.
Could you tell? Its so long on him . . . its a youth small, so its really not for him to wear until he's like, 8, but he's still cute. :)
April 20, 2010

Mom, I Need a Nap!

It was a Sunday morning and Marshall had gotten up a little early, but not much. He went into my room and eanted to watch Incredibles. I noticed I hadn't seen him in a half hour or so . . . he usually comes out to check on us . . . and I heard the music from the main menu of the movie repeating, so I went in to check on him . . . . look how cute! (This is after Daddy gave him some covers.)
Here is how I found him . . . all snuggled up on my pillows with his bum in the air, fast asleep.
Wish all nap times came so easy!
April 11, 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter is Confusing

Easter was a little, well, different for our family this year. Last night we tried to dye eggs with him. He picked up and egg, laughed like a maniac (he's always wanted to hold an egg!), ran into the kitchen and hurled it at the floor. Then he asked to watch a movie. So Daddy and Mommy dyed the eggs. Marshall choose 4:30 as an appropriate wake up time this morning and then crashed at 8. So, the Easter egg hunt was postponed until 12:30. We had to scatter (not hide . . . c'mon, he's only 2o months old!) the eggs in the basement because of the snow. Yes, snow. Here he is with his basket. Dad clued him in to this fun trick.
Every time he put a few eggs in the basket, he'd dump it. I think it was his favorite part. Unless it was the shaking. If the egg made lots of noise, he threw it on the floor and jelly beans would roll everywhere. Then he could suck on each one for a few seconds and then spit it on the floor. If the egg made no noise, he threw it as hard as he could on the floor so it would crack. If it made a little noise, sometimes he'd put it in the basket. That meant chocolate. And my boy LOVES chocolate.

Here he's examining the cracks on the edd he threw at the floor.
He's filling his Easter basket so he can dump it out.

Another cracked egg.

Grandma and Grandpa McDonald got him a picnic table for Easter. It makes a good dancing stage!

Opening plastic eggs and throwing stuff. He's a boy.

Rolling the eggs around on the floor. These are the strangest balls ever, mom. Someone squished them into this funny shape!
Dad! That is my helmet! Notice the lack of pants. He ate a bunch of chocolate and then took his pants off and ran around.

One more cheesey grin for the family back in Washington!
April 4, 2010

Camera Shy?

Marshall is a tough kid to photograph. He won't look at you when you want him to, because he is a very busy person. Just in the last couple days, he's started to understand what we want him to do when we get out the camera. He doesn't always do it, but at least there's a chance of him giving in for a minute or two. :)
Mom wants me to look at the camera . . .
But I don't want to right now.

Ok, now I'll show off my Yo Gabba Gabba dance moves.

And here's the big cheese #1 . . .

And bigger cheese #2! Look at all my teeth!
April 3, 2010

Where is Marshall?

This made us laugh for an hour! We have two DVD cupboards. One is for Marshall's movies and the other is for the rest of the movies and is tied shut. Marshall LOVES to take all the movies out of the bottom three shelves of his cupboard. He also enjoys taking out the shelves. This night he discovered something else fun to do with his cupboard.
Isn't that hillarious? We didn't even put him in there! He sat in it, stood up, and shut the doors!

Look how unconcerned he is about it.
Busting out of the cupboard.

He was pretty proud of himself for making Mommy, Daddy, and Auntie Mandy laugh so much!
March 19, 2010

More Bedtime Shennanigans

Marshall ran into the living room laughing like crazy and stuck his hat on his head, just to be funny, I guess! He was so silly, smiley and cheesy over his silly outfit, that I got some great pictures. Here he is eating my bathrobe.

He thought this was very, very funny!

Getting ready to take Mommy's pants out of her dresser drawer.

Momentarily distracted by The Incredibles - his favorite movie. Did I mention on here that every night, Marshall closes himself in our room with a movie before bed? The kid loves his solo movie time.

And, the goofiest picture ever. I love that silly bug.
February 28, 2010

My Wild Child

Marshall wishes he could be a ferral child. He LOVES to be outside! He likes to go out at least twice a day, every day. Rain, snow, or shine!
He's so cute about the hat mommy made him - he HAS to put it on before he goes out if I say its cold. He'll even run back in the house to get it!
He loves his shadow. Here he is chasing it up the sidewalk.

A flat basketball he found in the creek with Nana one day. (I promise to buy him realy out of doors toys soon!)

He also loves to get in the van and be Mommy. No, Mommy does NOT wear a hat over her eyes like that when she drives. :)

Often we get in the car and when I turn the key to go somewhere, the radio is blasting, the wipers are going, my caution lights are blinking, and the air conditioner is up full blast. Guess why.
February 26, 2010

Once again, he just wants to be like Dad.

Marshall wanted to show Nana and Grandpa what a big boy he is when they came to visit in early February -
So, he took Daddy's drink . . .
And drank it! Mr. Pibb is not an awesome choice for a toddler. Bedtime was a little late that night. :)
Feb 5, 2010

Silly Monkey Face

Sometimes we can catch Marshall smiling WITHOUT food on his face (here are some good ones, Gigi!).
Marshall's mischievious face . . .
And then he did this.

Which we told him was icky, so he made this face!

Which must have made him tired, because he dropped to the floor.

All in all we think our little nose picker is a cute kid!

January 17, 2010

Time to play catch up . . . .

Ok, so you know when you start getting e-mails, its time to put more pictures on the blog! My Etsy shop has actually been keeping me really busy the last couple months (who knew?), but Marshall is busy with Elmo and Austin is busy with Elmo, so here we go. A bajillion posts! Ok, maybe 5.
One funny night in January, Marshall decided to show off for the camera! This is his favorite drawer in the kitchen. He also enjoys climbing in the dishwasher, but Mom is kind of grouchy about that one.
Sometimes Marshall just wants to be his daddy! Notice how messy my room is? Guess who likes to open Mommy's dresser and throw all her clothes on the floor and then lay on them. No, not Austin!

January 13-14, 2010


My hubby loves 'em . . . .