Mo, Ozzy, Marshall, and Malcom taking naps and having fun!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Watching you, watching me

Ozzy figured it out and installed our new webcam (thanks Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Larry, and Janet!) in about 5 minutes flat yesterday. Webcam . . . why on earth would you - not so geeky people and rather technologically impaired people - have a webcam? So my grandparents and my parents and other far away family can see our baby when he comes! The webcam uses msn messenger and works pretty good. It even has a microphone so everyone can enjoy the results of baby on camera when he isn't in a sweet cutie pie mood.

Speaking of baby, I went to the doctor again yesterday. This little one is a sneaky one! I'm still at 2cm and 50% effaced, but I have "a super soft cervix". I had to ask what that meant. I mean, I know it means my cervix is soft, but so what? The doctor just said, "Well, it means things are progressing. We'll see you next week, unless you've already gone into labor by then." Ozzy missed that part of the coversation. He was stunned when I filled him in on that part. (He was a little unhappy because my doctor was stuck in surgery and we had to wai almost an hour to see the other doctor.) Now my Ozzy calls me "soft cervix girl". It IS funny to watch his single friends as Ozzy explains the details of my cervix to them. He is also a little more nervous now, I think. Baby, you can correct me if I'm wrong, okay? Today I have to finish packing hospital bags and put them in the van in case I go into labor while I hang out with him on his facilities shift tonight. I also had to make him a step-by-step to do list for when I think it's time to have the baby. He's adorable, I tell you!

Ozzy's family has set up a betting pool for when the baby comes. Ozzy's friend (who turns colors when he has to hear cervix stories) has two bets down, Ozzy's mom has one, Ozzy's sister has one, his brother-in-law has one, and his sister is coming over today to stare at me and ask questions so she can place her bet. You pick your day, you throw in 5 bucks, and you also get the day before and the day after your pick. My question is, if I do the work, why does someone else win the cash?

Monday, June 23, 2008

One Whole Year or Ozzy is a Superhero

YEP. Today is our 1 year anniversary. My hubby has survived being married to yours truly for one whole year. He is now your hero, I know. He made it through me adjusting to birth control, my landlord from the black lagoon, and most of a pregnancy. The man deserves a trophy.

We went up to an inn where we stayed a night during our honeymoon and even scored the same cabin. That was fun. And his idea. And very romantic. Except for me getting up in the middle of the night to pee or sit in the bathtub because having a six pound person in your abdomen is more comfortable underwater.

Yes, he is still in there! Mom said after thinking about it that she was dilated to a 2 with one of us for like a month. I'm still taking it easy until he's 37 weeks . . . that's when they consider a baby "full-term". I don't want to see our little guy in NICU.

A very dirt covered little boy tried to sell me an otter pop this morning. He rang the bell about eight times. I thought this was odd. I should have asked to see his business license.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Baby Mac Update

I went to the doctor and here are the stats . . . .

Oh, warning, this is about female reproductive parts because, well, I'm reproducing.

I'm measuring at 37 weeks. This means that my uterus is 37 cm bottom to top.
I'm dialated to 2 cm. This means my cervix is open to a hole that is 2 cm in diameter.
I'm 50% effaced. This means the lining of my uterus where the baby will come through is 50% thinned out.

I don't know when I will have him, though. There's no way to tell because this is the first time everything has been checked since April. If there's no baby out next week, I'll know how fast things are progressing because I go back to the doctor Thursday.

Hey, maybe there could be a poll about this . . .

Monday, June 16, 2008

Not Quite Temporary Obesity.

Why is it that pregnant women feel fat? Because we're GINORMOUS. I have to be careful where I park. If another car is too close, I can't get out of my car. Why do people think pregnant people are just plain fat? I have heard people of more mature age say that it's weird that pregnant people show off their belly. We have to. Or people think we're fat. And they are rude. And what do they care if I'm fat anyway? Sigh.

On the upside, Ozzy and I went on a triple date with single people. It was to a drive in. They wanted me to get in the back of a truck on an air matress and watch the movie. That idea got shot down pretty quick. The trouble with a drive in is that to watch just ONE of the movies, you don't leave until after midnight. I think there is some weird thing about getting married that makes you unable to stay up late. We both woke up with migranes Sunday morning. It was a little silly. Oh well. The single friends wanted us to go shooting with them. Ozzy was a good daddy and hubby and turned them down. The gunshots would probably scare me and I'd wet myself. And after the baby is born, well, Ijust don't think it'd work out.

My sister in law must be a happy girl. It is so hot now! We won't be cooler than 86 all week. Good thing I have an air conditioner in the living room and a cold basement.

Ozzy is nesting again and I think it's cute. He cleaned up the baby's room for him, installed the carseat in the van, and put the bassinet in our room. He doesn't want to be one of the couples in the hospital parking lot that can't figure out how to get the carseat in the car so baby can come home.

It is crazy how strong that baby is. Yesterday I was a punching bag. On Friday I could see him practicing breathing. Things are stretched so there isn't much stuff between us and baby. I can definately tell when he is sleeping and awake!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

When Scarpbook Supplies Attack! Part 1

I learned the hard way. Don't walk on rotary blades used for scrapbooking. I didn't feel like turning on the lights last night and I walked in to the living room to get monicas phone for her and I kicked some scarpbook stuff out of the way. Long behold what I kicked was alive and ready to attack. I grabbed her phone and my way back to the bedroom I felt this sharp pain from the heel of my foot. I jumped away in horror and yelled eek!!. I then thought nothing of it. I gave mo her phone and started me a bath. something was funny with the water though it was turning red. I then inspected my foot and found a zig zag pattern cut on my foot. I thought it looked cool and mo was sad. I hope it leavses a cool scar. <@;-). next time on when scarpbooking supplies attack. scrapbook hammers are not ment to hammer nails into walls.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Panic in the Parking Lot

Ozzy and I had to make a Wal-Mart run on Saturday night. My mother-in-law's birthday is Sunday and Ozzy, well, he's wonderful. He gets so excited once he knows about a gift he'd like to give that he always gives it early. This is why I knew about the anniversary trip. (Which is just two weeks away!) He didn't know what to get his mom until I told him that every shopping day for the last month she's been sighing over a Radio Flyer with fold up seats and seat belts for little people. She always says, "Maybe when my stimulous check comes." (Which, as an aside, is pretty poky about getting here, if you ask me. Whenever we finally see ours, we'll have to throw it in the savings account to cover gas prices. So much for stimulating the economy.)

So, Ozzy gets super excited about the wagon. Last week we checked the close Wal-Mart, and they were all out. He spreads the news to his Dad and sisters. "Do NOT buy mom a wagon for her birthday. We claim it! Too bad for you!" We researched on line where to get it and which stores had it in stock. Wal-Mart said to call the store, but no one answered the phone. I know, shocker. So we ran to the other Wal-Mart and were triumphant. We got the wagon!

Ozzy ran it right over to his house. His sister got to work putting it together. They plunked her seven week old baby in it on a pillow and one happy grandma took that confused baby for a ride. Yesterday she hid the wagon in her bedroom so no kids but her grandkids could use it. But her GREAT reaction was not the best part.

THE BEST PART: We parked my mini van in the row of mini vans. A teenage girl was helping her mom put the groceries in their trunk. As she threw the last bag in, her mom took the cart to put it away. Suddenly a huge green watermelon comes rolling out of the back of the van and bounces off the pavement and starts rolling down the blacktop with a red gash in one end, leaving a trail of sticky juice. The girl starts flapping her hands and yelling, "Oh no, oh no, oh no!" and scoops it up like an injured child. I'm trying to hide the laughter. I sneak a peak at my hubby who has a smirk on his face. "Am I the only one who found that funny?" He busts out laughing. It was so freaking hillarious. We spent the rest of the day yelling oh no! Tee hee.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June Bugs

I haven't been very exciting lately, so I haven't posted anything . . . which makes my blog boring, I know. Here are the updates.
School's out! I finished teaching on Friday. I like teaching . . . I do . . . I'm just tired. Being pregnant and teaching is . . . well, tiring. I'm recovering from being so tired and Ozzy's happy to be getting his wife back. Right baby? I'm at the school all this week packing and sorting. I don't want to store ALL my teaching stuff in my basement, so I have to go through EVERYTHING, packing what I want Ozzy to get for me on Thursday and creating a shopping mall of supplies for the other teachers to go through whenever. I'm about 2/3 done.
Baby is baking nicely. The warm weather is a little bothersome. I swell up easier and get hot a lot faster than I used to. I'm getting used to getting up in the night. I've discovered I can be up for less than an hour if I get a snack while I'm up. I'll have to post more prego pics for the fam soon.
I decided to scrapbook the baby's ultrasound pictures on Saturday night while Ozzy watched some fighting thingy. He decided to scrapbook too. This is his first scrapbook page!

He hid it under some paper in a box. It didn't quite turn out as he wanted. I told him not to worry, he can practice! I don't know if I've convinced him to turn into a scrapbooker, but hey, at least he's supportive of the habit!


My hubby loves 'em . . . .