Mo, Ozzy, Marshall, and Malcom taking naps and having fun!

Friday, January 30, 2009

More pictures

This is Marshall at Uncle Larry and Aunt Janet's house the day we flew home from Seattle. Thanks, GiGi for the super cute picture! We love his big grin! Something we miss when the teething makes him too miserable!
This is Marshall trying to get me when I tried to take his picture. I had him on his back aways away from me to take the picture because those jammies have a sheriff's star and say Daddy's Little Deputy. he rolled and rolled to get me. Silly baby.

Bath time! He's modest this time and everything! Hooray for the rubber duckies.
What is Marshall doing here? He looks so serious. He won't even glance at Mommy.
(Yes, GiGi. That is a Seahawks shirt!)

It's Elmo's World! Seriously, the little song comes on and Marshall's eyes go directly to the TV. No matter what he's doing. Makes Nursing at 1:45 a little tricky to say the least, so we mixed up his feeding schedule so he eats real food at 2. :)

This picture also highlights the new addition . . . . Austin's fancy TV. TaDa! And super cute pictures Brenda took.
If you're interested, you should cruise over to Trevor and Michelle's blog. Actually, it's Michelle's blog about her and Trevor. I don't think Trevor writes on it. Anyway, she posted pics of that Preggie belly! Atticus looks like he's growing really well!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pictures from TODAY

How's that for fast service, family inWashington?!?
Marshall lieks to sit on the couch and watch mom make monkey sounds. Really, who doesn't? Thanks for showing me that he'd like them, Aunt Janet!

Awwww . . . . Cute . . . .

After the couch, he had lunch. So there was squash everywhere since today he decided to eat it HIMSELF. Silly baby. He was a mess so here he is during the changing of the clothes

Right after this he started crawling backwards. I think that's normal, right?
Anyhow, there's some stuff from my day.
Come see us sometime!

Monday, January 19, 2009

January Pictures of Marshall!

Here is a picture Marshall took all by himself.

He is eating my cell phone. This is a favorite hobby of his.

Here we are after he ate the cell phone. I am posting a picture of myself without my make up on ir doing my hair. Do I get a prize for that, or is that just what motherhood is?

This is Marshall on his favorite blanket that Grandma D made for him. He is getting SO BIG. When he was new, he only covered up a few squares! We took all these pictures on Jan 14th for those who like to know exact dates. (Grandmas mostly! Hello! We should webcam soon!)

On the 15th Marshall was feeling cranky. This crinkled up ad from a magazine finally made him happy. Now I know what the ads in magazines are really for!

This is Marshall on the 16th. If you couldn't tell, he LOVES to be naked. He also loves his toes. Isn't he adorable?
Speaking of moms thinking their kids are adorable, my wedding planner took some photos of Marshall for us when I was home for a visit at the begining of the month. She did a great job. Really, if you'll be in Western Washington and want to get some photos done, I'll give you her number. Anyhow, I guess she asked my mom yesterday if we would consider signing a model relase form for Marshall. She wanted to enter some of the pictures in a contest or sell them to a company or something. So I think, "Wow. My kid is CUTE. I bet he'll be adorable in a magazine ad or something!" Then I get rational. He'll probably be on a greeting card about getting old, crying, or poop. Oh well.
Marshall has started saying mom. But only when he's mad and wants my attention. Sigh. He giggles now, though. This is fun.
So, I've decided the life of a new stay at home mom is a little strange. I only talk to the baby. All day. I had thought it strange when my mom wanted to get me connected with another Washingtonian living in the desert who recently became a mommy. Now I think I'll score that girl's info. I'm getting cabin fever, I swear. Might have something to do with the current eternal inversion and inhaling copious amounts of pollution.
And Austin FINALLY has his big fancy TV! Everyone be happy for him! Come over and watch a movie on it with us sometime. Good news is the Blu Ray turns DVDs high def. Bad news is it'll probably be Disney or Sesame Street.


My hubby loves 'em . . . .