Mo, Ozzy, Marshall, and Malcom taking naps and having fun!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ok, sorry,

I will put more pictures on here. Probably on the weekend. When I have people around to entertain our little beetle. He's doing good and gtting big. He can roll from his tummy to his back now, but only once a day, Then he gets mad because he can't figure out how to do it again. My WHOLE FAMILY is coming this weekend. This will be good. I will still get to snuggle my boy. I am the almighty food source. :) OK, he wants to go upstairs now. I promise, pictures, soon. And I'll try to think of something interesting and not gross to tell you. The postpartum funness doesn't seem appropriate.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Having Fun In Baby Town!

Well here we are at 3 Weeks and 2 days old. We took him to the doctors to get him weighed and he now weighs 9.5 pounds and is still 21 inches long. Okay does anybody see something wrong with this picture?

(This what happens when dad tries to dress him for bed at midnight)
We took mom to the airport Tuesday afternoon and she was really sad to leave, we are so ever greatful for her coming and spending some time with us. Marshall was funny he knew grandma was missing later that night, He kept looking for her. Marshall loves his grandma very much.

When one binki is not enough.

When we got back from the ariport, we all laid in are bed and took a well deserved nap. Here is Marshall posing for the camera again.

The past two nights he's started to get on a schedule. Each night he's slept for 4 to 5 hours. This looks very promising, I think he knows dad has to go back to work next monday. Before he goes to sleep he has to watch ESPN News for a half an hour and an hour of the Olympics.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Milk Coma

Well here we go again Marshall is 2 weeks and 4 days old. Her he is in this picture with mom doing some tummy time on his duck blankie. Look how he shows off his little biceps in this picture. He's an animal. The little guy is getting bigger. He's now two inches longer coming in at 21 inches tall. He still weights about 9 pounds.

As you can tell this little one likes to eat alot, mom is really tired trying to keep up with his eating schedule.
Here is a picture of him in what we like to call a "Milk Coma". Look at the facial features he presents there so cute. The whole time he just sits ther motionless, staring either at mom or at the ceiling. Some of this content was Rated mature so I went ahead and edited and added a Happy Clown Face guy. Will try to update pictures every couple of days. Until next time enjoy all the pre-seaon football games.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Angels in little packages!

Here are some updated pics of our little angel. He has learnedsome new tricks over the past few days. The first one he can now hold his binki in his mouth all by his self with no hands. Pretty amazing I think.

The Second trick he has learned is that he likes to roll on his side and sleep. This scares mommy and daddy, but he loves to do it. We also found that he likes his new swing. Here he is rocking out in it.
The third trick that he has learned is hes a true blue bronco fan. he's definently not a colt or redskin fan because he slept through the whole game yesterday night. We dont know about the seahawks yet but theres a 50/50 shot that he could be both a broncomaniac and a hawkiman!

And last but not least the last trick he has learned is to pee over his head, this boy is amazing and the arc is perfect. Sometimes he gets himself in the ear. With all of these trticks mom and I are very impressed, and we love are boy to death. These pictures are only a day or two old were trying to keep them fresh for you all. <@:-)>
Thank You Lord For Our Angel!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

More Marshall, Lots More Marshall!

Here's the proud grandma with her first grandbaby! She LOVES him. Last night he slept pretty well. The last 2 1/2 hours I let him sleep on me because his nose was stuffy, so we didn't find grandma until almost 8 today. I think grandma was missing her Marshall time! This picture was taken . . . I think on Monday, so almost a week ago. Dang it.
This is Marshall's 1 week old picture on the duck blanket Grandma made for him. We'll take his picture on that blanket every Tuesday. Hopefully.
Daddy with his boy! We took this . . . after Tuesday sometime. The days are a little blurry from the waking up. Speaking of waking up, I think I hear him getting hungry, so I have to hurry!
This is Marshall today! Before his bath. Now he smells cuter. Babies smell cute. i don't know why. Want a funny story? Last night . . . at like 1 am, Ozzy was changing him and he called for me. I hauled myself into the nursery and Ozzy is freaking out. Our boy is pooping and peeing all over him while he's trying to change his diaper! Poor Ozzy. He almost threw up, I think. The night before, Marshall was sleeping on Ozzy and he peed all over him. Ozzy wondered why Marshall never pees on me. You don't use your kitchen for a bathroom, that's why. :) Why are all our funny stories about bodily functions? Maybe it's the sleep thing . . . .
Anyhow, we're excited for when more of you can come visit us!


My hubby loves 'em . . . .