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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


We moved into our new house yesterday . . . thank goodness!
There was serious trauma with the old landlord, who believes she was mistreated by me and has reasons to waste a lot of time hating me . . . ok. Your time, spend it the way you want.
We finally signed on Monday and the seller was a sweetheart and let us move in yesterday . . . before we actually owned the property.
1. The garage has an automatic opener, making my husband very pleased.
2. Mortgages are really expensive. I think my sweethear has sticker shock. We can afford it, I think. :)
3. The baby's room is really cute. It has the cutest window treatments ever. White shears with long, wide ribbons hanging down with cute fluffy balls on the ends. We do not have to decorate that room.
4. The house takes a REALLY long time to heat up. We will be making weather stripping, caulking, and insulation a top priority.
5. There is a statue that we have to keep in the house because it's been there since the first owners. We can scare children with this in the preteen years. That's some good slumber party fodder.
We moved in all the "Stuff" except a broom and the food out of the fridge. We'll go get that tonight. Now the baby's room is FULL of boxes. Let the unpacking month begin! My sweetie wanted to stay up all night and try to do it all, but I was a spoilsport. Preggies need sleep. I think he's okay with doing it a little at a time.
My new commute is 5 - 15 minutes longer than my old one. Today the roads were bad, so it took forever. This will hopefully not be the case every day!
We don't even use our basement. Our house is too big for us. My sweetie wants the baby to come sooner, i think. :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Just the usual . . .

I haven't posted anything in awhile because I've been waiting for something fabulous . . . oh well.

THE MORTGAGE: It's going along ok. The new trauma is verification that I rented from my last roommate last year. For those of you who aren't aware . . . . she went a little crazy when I got serious with my hubby. Apparently there was dibs or something violated and jealousy ensued. Eh, I was probably at a point in my life where roommates don't really work anyway. It's always wierd when that guy is always around. I was given a curfew, etc, etc, and finally just split ASAP and said I didn't want my deposit back. So, I think she's dragging her feet on a renter verification form that I need. Can she do that? I think I could take legal action . . . gross. So, anyway, if that works out we'll be in good shape.

THE BABY: Is growing. I think I have a big weird tummy . . . but people say I don't look pregnant . . . who knows. Sleep has become uncomfortable. This will last for another 6 months. :)

That's about it. I make my bed now. Potential renters are always running through my apartment. It's alright. Landlords have to do what landlords have to do.

Hubby is nesting. He bought a stroller, carseat, and playpen for the baby. He is one excited future daddy. I think it's cute.

Friday, January 11, 2008

A little less pregnant?

Yep, the the countdown has changed and I am no longer almost 14 weeks pregnant. Now I am almost 12 1/2 weeks pregnant. I had a doctor appointment yesterday. He couldn't find the heartbeat. He got really nervous about that because he DID find it last time (when I was supposed to be 9 1/2 weeks . . . but I was only 8). He brought in the ultrasound machine and BAM! There's the baby! The poor doctor had the monitor turned away from me and away from my husband just in case something was wrong. My husband would have none of that! He jumped right up to get a look. The doctor could see the heart beating and was able to measure the baby at about 6 cm. That measurement puts me at 12 weeks. My new due date is the 23rd of July. At least that explains why I was still having morning sickness when I thought it should have been over a week ago. The reason he couldn't hear the heartbeat is that the placenta has formed in the front of my uterus with the baby behind it. That's also why I got a tummy so soon. More cushion for the baby, but that big placenta makes it hard for the doctor to hear what's going on behind it. Hopefully when I go back in February, it'll be stronger and easier to hear. I'll be 16 weeks then. I should find out the baby's gender around my birthday. The only other slight snag was that I've only gained about a half a pound since last time. I'm supposed to gain like four before my next visit, so more food for me!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

a temper tantrum (because that is what blogs are really for)

I WAS FURIOUS! I got a call last night from my realtor who told me that he talked to his brother (our loan officer) and he said we had been denied our loans from major lending institutions because they do not accept alternative lines of credit and I have no formal credit history. Shouldn't a loan officer have known this when I gave him all the paperwork, he typed it all in, and asked for alternative lines of credit? Has he ever done this before? So, now he's applying for as FHA loan. Fine. The problem is, we have to have the house appraised and fix the old cracked windows before we can even apply. We have to be out of our apartment the 31st! We have to beg the seller for an extension (which he'll probably give us, because if he doesn't, he has to give us our $2000 back and start over). We have to fork out money to fix windows (less down money) and be quite inconvenienced on the 31st if the deal hasn't closed and I'm living at my hubby's grandma's haunted house out of a suitcase. I am not happy. I called the mortgage man and left a rude message. I think HE should pay for a storage unit, movers and a hotel until he can get on the ball. As far as I'm concerned, he should have called me when he got a rejection notice and we should have started on this FHA thing. Moron. I called him worse yesterday when I was yelling about it to my hubby. He was very patient. Then he fed me Subway. I am a lucky girl. With the worst loan officer ever. Grrrrrrr

Thursday, January 3, 2008

on tummy, house, and getting back to work

Christmas vacation was fabulous. Everyone asks us what we did on our Northwest adventure. We sigh and get a dreamy look on our faces and say, "almost nothing." Could anything be better? The only stinky part of the whole thing was Delta. I think the entire corporation has suffered from head trauma, or is naturally stupid. Both our flights were delayed. Ugh. Not by days, but by enough hours that you wonder if driving would have saved some aggravation. Then, in Seattle, I noticed that almost every Delta flight was delayed. Hmmmm. We probably won't switch to Southwest, though. Having to sit in whatever is left after the stampede isn't my style. We're newlyweds. We actually still want to sit together.

We will probably close on our house at the end of next week. We will probably move in shortly thereafter. My hubby is FREAKING EXCITED about all the home improvements he wants to do. The man is even jazzed about insulation. His favorite project is the 700 or 800 square feet of unfinished basement. I hesitate to introduce him to HGTV. It could start a riot. I love that guy. Anyhow, we're just waiting on loan offers and, just to make our lives easier, the house appraised for 10,000 more than we're paying, so it should be a fairly simple deal. Between that and the fact that my husband has the credit rating of Superman, this shouldn't be too traumatic.

We had to go to work this week after nine or more, in my case days of the good life. Poor Ozzy was just about dead after work Monday. He survived Wednesday and I think the worst of the jolt back to the working world is over. I started today. Luckily, the kids were as out of sinc and tired as me, so that helped. Last year they were hyperactive after the break, so there was some definate fear this morning. They're all excited about writing a class newspaper. At least something worked. I feel like a cheater because we only have a half day tomorrow. This makes my life way easier than I deserve.

My tummy is expanding. We're in the pound a week phase of pregnancy, so I can eat now too. I don't have a fabulous appetite, but way better than before. I've discovered that my crazy confusing nightmares are from my prenatal. I was taking it before bed to avoid getting sick, but one night I got really sick anyway . . . . so the pills interrupt my sleep and make my dreams all weird. I'm trying different kinds, but I might have to start taking halves or something. We're excited because we go to the doctor next week to hear the heartbeat again. Yay! Sometimes I forget that I'm pregnant and I just think I'm getting fat. I have a good hubby who reminds me that I'm supposed to get fat. :) I'll let you know how the doctor goes next week.


My hubby loves 'em . . . .