Mo, Ozzy, Marshall, and Malcom taking naps and having fun!

Friday, April 25, 2008


My sister-in-law FINALLY brings her baby home today. She was released from the hospital Monday, which means she's been getting up early and sitting in the hospital lobby all day, going in to check on her baby and feed him when they let her, and going home late at night. I told Ozzy that this is why we will be patient, uncomfortable, and rather round and WAIT until it's go time to have our baby! He had jaundice. This is not uncommon for new boys, but he had it when he was less than 24 hours old, and that makes them worried. He was under special lights all week. Then he got a blood infection. I guess this is one of the leading causes of SIDS, so good thing they found it and treated him. He was three weeks early. The doctor thought he'd be BIG, but he wasn't at out of the normal range. He weighed in at 7 lbs. 11 oz. and measured 20.5 inches. Crazy. If our baby is fitting into the standard curve, he's already over 2 lbs. and 14.5 inches! We have a hunch he might be a little on the big side. We were both big babies, Me almost 9 lbs and him a little over, and I've been measuring ahead. We'll know more on Tuesday. That's our next appointment. Woo hoo! I have to take the diabetes test. Salad for lunch and then a big sugar drink before we go in. It should be interesting!

Took my class on a field trip yesterday. The museum did lots of presentations and projects with them, but I still went home sleepy as can be. Weird.

I keep running into stuff with my belly. It's growing faster than I can get used to it, so I'm always surprised when I can't fit though a tight spot, put on my socks, wear a shirt, or balance on something. I'm like a rolly polly little buddah girl.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sticks and Stones

So, spring break was enjoyable. Doing not much, hanging out with my "in slow labor" sister-in-law, and taking lunches to Ozzy at work was relaxing. I needed that break. I don't think I accomplished that much, but that was never the goal anyway. All was lovely until Friday.

Friday my sister-in-law was having regular contractions, but not close enough together for a hospital run. We went to the gas station for drinks and messed with my scrapbooking stuff instead. Ozzy was curious what all that junk was for anyway. Now he says maybe I can teach him. Isn't he sweet? I know, luckiest girl in the world.

I started having sympathy contractions. It felt like menstral cramps really low. But they didn't come and go. After a couple hours, they hadn't stopped, so I paged my doctor. He said eat dinner, relax and they'll go away. Then everything went nuts.

The pain moved to my right side. It no longer felt crampy. It felt like I was being stabbed. This was uncomfortable. Then it was really painful. Then it got worse, and Ozzy put me in the car and took me to Emergency. We called the doctor on our way there, and he said it sounded like a good plan. Great. Now I'm worried.

They're moving me up to the Women's Center and I'm thinking, "Please don't let this be preterm labor. It is way to early. Please don't let this be appendicitis. Surgery is way to risky."

They do all the tests. They check to see if I'm dialated, they check urine and blood. Meanwhile, the pain is worse and I am SHAKING. Ozzy is not a happy camper. The pain actually made me physically ill.

The doctor arrives and punches me in the back on my right. I want to kill him. He pronounces the verdict. I am guilty of kidney stones. He says to quit taking my prenatal vitamin. Guess you only need them through the first half of pregnancy anyway. I'm eating well enough, I guess. Then he asks whether I want to take a pill for the pain or a shot. I don't care. He says the pill is slower. I still don't care. So I think my hubby might have decided on the shot. One quick shot and I'm down. I'm almost asleep. Then I puke. Then I fall asleep while they're trying to get me dressed, into a wheel chair and out to the car.

My hubby's parents drove me home and called my parents while I snored in my room. Meanwhile, Ozzy loads my sister-in-law into his car and drives at a rediculous speed to score my narcotics and anti-nausea meds from the pharmacy before it closes. I sleep.

So, I was high for the next two days. Monday I skipped school to get off the drugs and make sure the pain was over.

When I went back yesterday, people declared that I was ready for labor because it feels the same. None of them have been through both. I think kidney stones are worse. They hurt in only one spot, but all you get is gunk in a funnel for your hard work. And they don't have to stop. Labor ends. And at least you get a baby.

My sister-in-law had her baby Saturday morning. She only had to push for 20 min. I hope that's the way it works for me! He had jaundice, but he gets to go home today! He's very small and cute in that squished new baby way. Hooray!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The joys of slackerhood

Even as I type, I should probably be correcting papers. Oh well.
I got really stressed out about work and all the "stuff" I needed to do there, from general classroom maintenance, to correcting papers, to dealing with coworker problems, to turning into the "go to girl" for everything. I was so stressed I go home in tears about stupid small things and I finally decided to take some time off.
That was a good idea.
Now my Ozzy says whenever I get stressed, I have to burn a sick day. He knows it isn't good for the baby when I'm stressed, and it isn't particularly fun for him either. (ie: He walks in the door after work and I sob "I'm having a bad day!". So much for yummy dinner or a relaxing evening.)
Now I have taken a "who cares" attitude. I think it's because I took off Monday and Tuesday to spend with my parents who were visiting and then Spring Break starts at 12:30 tomorrow. I am procrastinating. A lot. And I don't care.
Oh well, we shall see if this works out for me or not! Hopefully I'll discover that a lot of my little stress issues are very unimportant.

I got my hair cut Monday. Grandma would like it. It is very short. It probably hasn't been this short since I got home from my mission. I let the hair girl do whatever she wanted. My hair has been thinner, weirder, and less curly since baby implanted and I wasn't even trying anymore. Besides, he probably would have pulled my hair long hair all out. Or I would have turned into the bun girl. Shudder.

Maybe I'll get a picture on here for you. I figured out how to get phone pictures to the internet. Now I can post them. You can enjoy them. Or not enjoy them. I don't care. Welcome to the prevailing attitude. Now I will order pizza.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


I was eating an oreo at lunch today (the lastest favorite).
I dropped half of it . . . you know how you eat one chocolate cookie and then eat the part with the filling?
I couldn't find that half a cookie anywhere!
It was in my lap.
I lost half a cookie under my tummy . . . .


My hubby loves 'em . . . .