Mo, Ozzy, Marshall, and Malcom taking naps and having fun!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

More Rexburg Pictures

This was pretty much Marshall's dream come true. TRAIN RIDE!

Marshall and Mommy playing at Hard Hat.

Nana and Marshall pet the baby goat!

Mommy and MArshall on the crazy car ride.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The pool in action

Here's Marshall having some pool adventures!

He usually looks like this by the pool. He really likes sitting on the grass and splashing the water. Then, he gest hot, climbs in, sits in the center, and climbs back out.

I like that the pool has a shade built in.

He loves it when I squirt him with a fish!


These are really old pictures, but so cute! We were grocery shopping at Albertson's and Marshall picked this pool. If you can't tell, he REALLY likes his choice!
We put it up in the house so he could get familiar with it before we put water in it and made it all chilly!

Isn't it funny? Its a mushroom!

One of Marshall's first sentences is, "My pool!"

In the army?

Marshall LOVES to help with the dishwasher . . . actually, he just thinks the dishwasher would make an awesome little-man cave. Seriously, he tries to crawl inside. Anyway, he was "helping" and on his way to being trapped in his walker, he managed to grab my colander. Now, what could he use this for?
Seems pretty solid . . .

No, Mom, this is my hat!

I need it for all the falling and banging into stuff I do! Plus, I can hide from you, Mom. If I can't see you, you can't see me!


Little carnivore/mini model

Daddy let Marshall try beef jerky . . . .
Evidently, it was a big hit!

Here's my boy, hamming it up for the camera and eating veggie cheetos . . . mmmmmmm

Isn't he cute after a nap?!?!

Marshall and the Oreo question . . . .

Ok, these pictures are kind of old (late June!) but really cute, so you know the Nanas and Grandpas and Gigis and Grumpy's be wanting to see 'em! This pic is post-oreo!
Marshall having his favorite treat . . . . OREO COOKIES! (Sans milk, but I'm sure it'll happen one of these days!)

Obviously, the walker seat requires frequent laundering. He LOVES to score snacks while he's in his walker. He also loves to crawl to it, stand on it, and snack.

Gotta love the baby goatee . . .

Monday, July 13, 2009


I'm not posting a picture at the moment, but I wanted to tell you a cute thing Marshall did this morning. He finnished eating his pancakes (and throwing them on the floor), so he said "thank you" until I took him out of his booster. So cute! He's really learning to talk these days! Yesterday he watched Aunt Ashley give Niny some of a Twix and Marshall started talking. I thought he was saying dogie, so he smacked my leg and yelled, "Cookie!" so funny!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Well, last weekend we took a trip to Rexburg for Atticus Butchart's blessing. The pictures are not in order, but I'll tell you all about them!
Marshall is a monkey. Here he is swinging from a tree in Uncle Trevor's yard Sunday without Daddy's help! He loves to swing off stuff! Including playground toys. Oh, and Mommy's oven door . . .
Saturday was Austin's birthday. This is the cake Auntie Mandy made him. Camo with animals! Very cool . . . and yummy . . . . Marshall loved that too.

We took a trip to Bear World for Austin's birthday with Nana, Grandpa, Aunti Mandy, Great Grandma Perkins and Great Grandpa Perkins. They had kiddie rids. Marshall LOVED this crazy car ride, but it made mommy a little motion sick!

Bear Family! Daddy bear, mommy bear, and Marshall bear!

Marshall couldn't get enough of this four-day-old fawn. He kept trying to pet it. When we got back home, Nana bought him a stuffed fawn. He loves that too!

Lots of bears and Bear World. It wasn't as bad as I expected, but I still think the bears need more room. There are over 30 in the park!

Baby bears in the baby enclosure. Aren't they cute! Marshall liked to watch them, yell "Bear!", wave, blow kisses, and growl at them.

HUGE elk. Austin wishes. :)

This is a big Albino Elk. It isn't really Albino. Its something else. His cells don't produce much pigment, so he is mostly white. He was born in the park.

Marshall excited to see the bears.

Marshall making a silly face! The only happy pictures we have of Marshall in his carseat are at Bear World. Apparently, Marshall gets carsick. That's why we had to hose out the carseat. Gross. Do they make Dramamine for babies?

Big cinnamon bear!

Everyone in the mini van, ready to go!

Marshall on our first drive though the park. Isn't he sweet? And quiet?

Marshall loves to swim and here he is in the pool with Grandpa. We had to gt in the hotel pool twice a day because he loved it SO MUCH!


My hubby loves 'em . . . .