Mo, Ozzy, Marshall, and Malcom taking naps and having fun!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Slurpies for Everyone!

Actually, now I'm going to have to stop at a gas station and get a slurpee . . . . no . . . hit sonic for happy hour and slushes. Yep. Ok, moving on.

Ozzy says I HAVE to post this.

Having so many hormones gives a preson some crazy dreams! I have a nightmare about everyone I love going away about once a week, and poor Ozzy has to wake me up so I'll stop crying. Yuck. I also have SILLY dreams. I remembered one of the silliest from last night.

My mom, my dad, ozzy, grandma and grandpa B and I took a roller coster to Rexburg. The roller coster stopped in a furniture gallery. Mom was busy shopping for black carpeting. Grandma was shopping for a couch that grandpa said they didn't need. I took off. I wandered around Rexburg, which was completely deserted at 3am. I stopped by Trevor and Michelle's dorm. Trevor, Michelle, and 4 18 year old guys lived there. Then I went to the gas station in the car I somehow aquired. I got there and saw my dad talking to some scroungy looking guys. I decided they were homeless. All of the sudden, the guys took off running. My dad started chasing them in a gray union suit (long underwear) trying to give them slurpees that he had in his arms. I chased my dad, trying to explain that they didn't have to drink the slurpees and that he was in his underwear. Then I got back in the roller coster and woke up. Baby on my bladder. Time for the late night bathroom run! That part was real. :)

Monday, February 25, 2008

things from a pencil . . .

Have you ever even heard of this?

JJ's girl came to Ozzy's parent's house last night. Sunday dinners are always at their house. Anyhow, Manda found a needle and Becky dug up some thread and a pencil and I was told to hold out my hand and relax. She stuck the needle in the pencil's eraser and wrapped the thread around her finger. The needle went around in circles, then in a straight line, then in an oval, then in a straight line, then repeated the process. This means I'm "destined" to have a girl, a boy, twins, and a boy. This would be just high-school style slumber party goofishness, except it said the EXACT same thing for my Ozzy. Weird. Just wondering what you few but faithful blog buddys thought of that one . . . I'd never even heard of it before. Could be a weird-o Utah deal.

Our heater is broken. It gets all warm and toasty and doesn't force the air out of the vents. Good thing the weather is unusually spring-like this week. The $70 an hour Lennox man is coming on Friday . . . when I can make him EARN that $70 an hour. (He'd better not answer that phone call . . . . I'm completely brutal about things like this!)

My mom is probably going to make it to the ultrasound. She's so excited that she's taking a bus. It will be fun to have her try out the guest room. Our heater will be fixed by then. Otherwise, she'd have to cuddle with Ozzy and I. No one wants that!

I'd better go on home and fire up the space heater in our room. Then I'll cook some dinner. Then I'll take a nap. Mondays are brutal. Why are the children so excited to come here when I'm not even sure I AM here?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Ozzy says I'm so sleepy because I'm growing a baby. Okay. But I am SO SLEEPY! I don't get things done, I just want a nap!

REXBURG - was really fun. And cold. We are glad we don't live there. It was good to see my mom and let her be all excited about the baby. Depending on which weekend my grandparents decide to be in Idaho, there's a chance she could rent a car and come to the ultrasound on the 7th. That would be really cool. We got to see Trevor and Michelle's house and see Piper high on catnip too. Funny stuff, that. We went swimming. It made the baby freak out. It was funny and a little uncomfortable and bothersome because I like to swim. The chlorine made me itchy for three days, so maybe I won't be pregnant pool queen. We took Mandy's friend wedding dress shopping. This is a little crazy. She's not actually engaged yet. I can't talk, though, because I had no ring and had my hubby help me pick out a dress. So far, not bad luck. Knock on wood. Or whatever superstitious nonsense one must do. We also took the ski rack off the van and handed it over to Trevor for his car. Now I'll have to be embarassed or enraged when someone says, "nice rack". I gave them the benefit of the doubt before.

GRANDMA - I got your package. The pages are great. We had fun looking at them! Thanks for sending them. I'll have to remember and not fall asleep Friday. I could call you because I wouldn't be interrupting American Idol. Are you loving that show this season? It looks pretty good!

MOM - I think I'll call you tonight. I think my sweetheart has to stay late at work. I'm glad you got home okay. It was a pretty crazy trip. I hope your trip in July is not nearly that crazy.

BABY - We got a crib on Monday and set it up. Ok, Ozzy set it up while I took a nap (I'm not kidding about this excessive napping deal). It's cherry wood and really pretty. That evening, Becky brought us a crib mattress and green polka dot sheet to go with it. Cute stuff! I like to look at it. My baby can hear now, so we talk to it. Ozzy puts his face on the baby and talks to it at night. We don't actually know whether he is talking to the baby's head or bum, but I guess it doesn't matter. And why do I have to gain tenor twelve pounds for this 1/2 pound child? I'm sure uterus gunk. placenta, and water doesn't weigh that much . . . I guess it's close enough.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Crash pink

It's a color.
Yesterday afternoon I was supposed to stay at the school until 5, but I didn't. I was out of there before 4. Good thing too. The 20 minute drive home took over an hour. The bad part was from the school to Lehi. I couldn't see more than 15 feet most of the time, but there were times I couldn't see anything at all. It only got worse out where the school is overnight. Becuase teachers got stranded at other teacher's homes and at the school for a while, school started two hours late today. I found out because someone kept calling at wierd hours (11:00 at night and 6 am). It was the school. Ozzy got ready for work and headed out . . . . then called. He'd tried to stop at a store to get me roses and his car had slid into a curb and was no longer driveable. Poor guy! We hung out in the minivan all morning, waiting for cops. I had to leave him with the car waiting for the tow truck. (He made me leave him . . . we're both a little rediculously stubborn.) Now he's had to spend the whole day at his grandma's . . . poor man's been bored to tears. Oh well. No one can say our valentine's day wasn't memorable!
So, it looks like we'll take the minivan to Rexburg after all.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Looking Pregnant and Being a Grandma

Uncle Bryce always says I'm a grandma. He likes to tease Ozzy about chasing down an older woman. Their family came to see our house yesterday. I'm glad they did! It meant a lot to Ozzy that some of his family wanted to come and visit. It also gave me a chance to give them the hats I made for them. Uncle Bryce had seen me working on one and asked when "grandma was making mine!" I made his camo and fun colored ones for the girls. I couldn't decide what to make for Aunt Jess, so she told me to go with pink. I'll have to start that one in a week or two.

I have a funny story from school. Another second grade class came to my room for health for the first time in a couple months. They must have forgotten my news. A little girl raised her hand and said, "I don't mean to be rude, but you look kinda pregnant."
"That's because I am pregnant."
"Good, or we'd need a different health teacher!"
Good luck to all her future teachers! May they not be overweight!

We went to our new congregation for church Sunday. They were pretty friendly people, actually, but not pushy, gushy, or into all out business. We like friendly better than invisible, we decided. We'll get used to them. There are lots of older people, but there's a fair number of young families too, so we won't be weird. About time I wasn't weird, huh?

We're excited to go to Rexburg Saturday. I might be a bit uncomfortable on our way up, but I should be asleep when we come home. Ozzy just hopes we don't get pulled over. :) We did once, but we scored a warning! He hates cops. Go figure. I love that guy.

I did something silly yesterday. I went to the store on my way home to get stuff for tacos. I also got sonic slushes. We love em. I decided I wanted onion rings. I got home and ate them up. By the time I was dont making tacos, I wasn't hungry and I didn't want any. I love tacos! I'm excited to try to eat them again tonight, but I'm not sure my ozzy is. :)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Meeting the Neighbors

It looks like most of our neighbors fall into the 55+ category. Hopefully they won't mind when our sweet tiny baby turns into a rambunctious kid! I met one neighbor the other day. She wanted to know who we were and if we had kids, and dished out tons of info, like who the neighbor across the street is, where to go to church, what time to get there, and the nearest voting locations. Her husband hollers good morning to my hubby every day. They seem nice. She's excited that we're expecting.

Our most prominent neighbors are the deer. For a hunter, it's funny how much my husband loves them. He put a salt block by the driveway for them. They follow the neighbor's stream down the hill and then head across the road where I think they might score free corn. The other night we counted six of them on the corner on our way home. As we pulled into our driveway, they all started running out from behind our house to cross in front of the garage and run up the hill. We really thought they'd jump on my Ozzy's cute little car! They are crazy, fast and HUGE! It's fun to watch them.

We're also getting to know our resident neighbor . . . baby mac. If I lay really still I can feel the baby move now. If I lay down, We can feel the baby if we press our hands down. You can feel it move it's little arms and legs and tell where the baby is hanging out by finding a smooth, round bump that signifies a bum or a head. Something to do . . .

We're going up to Rexburg next Saturday to see mom when she visits KK and Mandy. She'll certainly want to feel that baby squirm around. After allt hat sitting in the car, I might have to give the little one a little extra sugar and wake it up for her! I think she's also excited to see me look all funny. My belly isn't too big yet, so I look like a hobbit or something.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Baby boy?

NO FREAKING OUT! I did NOT have an ultrasound today. This morning I had an appointment with my doctor for the monthly check up. We're now about 16 weeks. Hy hubby went to work late because he came with me. He was hoping they'd have trouble finding the heartbeat again so that they'd do an ultrasound, but they found it easily. The heart was beating between 145 and 150 beats per minute. Pretty standard for a baby. The doctor made the comment that it sounds like a boy to him. You should have seen my sweetheart's face. He looked like the doctor just told him our baby had two heads! It's apparently an old theory that the faster the heartbeat, the more likely a girl or the other way around depending on who you talk to. My hubby is SO SURE that it's a girl! Well, he'll find out on March 7th if the little one cooperates and does the expected acrobatics. From what I've read, the heartbeat thing runs true about 4o percent of the time. I'm not buying baby clothes yet!

Speaking of baby acrobatics, I usually can't feel baby move, but I can feel the effects. Saturday baby learned how to sit on mom's major nerve running down her left leg. OUCH! Today baby has started to stay away from that nerve (mom has learned to nudge that child off!) and likes to sit on my bladder. Silly baby.

Moving into the house has gone well. We're almost all unpacked. There's still a few random things left to find a home for, but it'll get done. We'll steal my hubby's aunt's piano in the next month or so to put in the house. I miss my music time.


My hubby loves 'em . . . .