Mo, Ozzy, Marshall, and Malcom taking naps and having fun!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Ok, not the most original title for a blog, but this mommy gets tired.
We took this pic today in a hat from Aunt Ashley. Way cute, huh? We made him wear that hat for like, hours. He doesn't like putting a hat on, but once its there, he doesn't really care. We had a way fun day. Last night I cooked Christmas dinner. My first turkey and everything! Then he got really cranky at Grandma Macs. He cried for a couple hours. But Santa still came. Big softie.
This is our boy yesterday morning. He can put his whole fist in his mouth. Takes after Uncle KK. Good thing we named him after him!
Marsahll eating prunes. The kid loves food. We're still looking for a food he doesn't like!
He got so spoiled this year. Good thing he's too little to know he's spoiled. He has so many toys! I'm going to have to buy him another toy bin. He was pretty jolly today at Grandma Becky's. He loved lots of his gifts and also thought the HUGE snow fort Daddy built was cool too. Seriously, this fort is as high as I am tall. Lots of snow made for lots of fun! Hope you all had GREAT Christmases! And we're so excited Trevor and Michelle are having an Atticus! Marshall needs a Butchart buddy. And someone to use all the hand-me-downs.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Fun with Baby!

Ok, so the real reason I'm posting these is beecause I need a reminder that Marshall is a cute little guy. He's been in a bad mood due to a tendancy to want to get up and play in the middle of the night. If it were all gumdrops and rainbows, Lindsay Lohan would get pregnant, right?

Here's Marshall Claus! We have Austin's family party tonight and Austin will be Santa, so we decided to make Marshall his little helper. I couldn't pick a favorite shot, so you get all three. Good for Grandmas, a little boring for you. I'm sorry.

Here's Marshall on the 17th. One of his favorite parts of the day is to get the mail with mom. It's cold here now, so Marshall has to wear his snow bear suit. Putting it on is not his favorite part, but he does enjoy wearing it, especially if he manages to eat some snow.

He is being noisy right now and a little cranky. Maybe I'll cheer him up by putting him in the bear suit and tossing him in the snow while it isn't too cold.
If I don't post before the big day, Merry Christmas everyone! I'm excited to see your holiday photos on your blogs too!

Monday, December 15, 2008

More Marshall, Of Course . . .

Here's our little man again! For those of you not into babies, sorry. In a little while it'll be toddlers, though! At the end of the post, I promise to put in some big people news, ok? Alright. Well, every once in a while Marshall teeths. He uses his binkie as a teething ring. This is how he does it. On purpose. For real.
I'm working on Daddy going to work being less upsetting for Marshall, so this morning we talked about Dad having gone to work so Marshall could steal his chair. Apparently, this was a big hit with the little guy.
He proceeded to tip himself over and watch more Reading Rainbow.

For older news, our waterheater kept leaking. Water heaters are not supposed to do that, so we had a plumber come and fix it. How exciting. Ummm . . . we wish it were snowier here. If its going to be cold, it better be pretty! That's what I say, anyhow.
OH! Austin got me a REAL tree this year! It smells nice. We got a little one so it would fit in the little corner. I like it. It makes me feel all Christmasy. If that's even a word. It isn't, is it? Oh well.
We'r done Christmas shopping, which is exciting, and getting ready to fly to Seattle on the 30th for KK's reception. That should be interesting with the baby, since he doesn't especially enjoy laps for long periods of time. I think we might have to bring cookies for the passengers next to us. Or buy them alcohol.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Marshall the Little Angel!

We're getting closer to X-mas and the NFL playoffs look who's excited about both. The little guy is growing so fast. Grandma D and Grandpma Rick our hanging out with marshall and mom. Grandma D put up halloween decorations outside with santa hats on them will have to put pics of them. Other than tha everything is going great here in a snowless utah.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Marshall's Suit

Hi everybody were getting closer to Thanksgiving. With the new oven I think were set to have a good time. Here are some pictures of Marshall in his new dress clothes. He doesn't like the vest very much, but his tie is very interesting to him. Here we are getting ready to take family pictures with the mickey d family. Pictures were done in the evening so the boy was not a happy camper. These were some of the pics of him in an okay mood. His personal pics turned out cute. Same with his pic with mom and dad. Well will probably talk to most of you in a couple of days. But to everybody else. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Our Little Boy!!

Hi everybody I thought since I was stuck at work I'd throw some pics of Marshall on the blog.

Here's the little guy enjoying the day, loving his little hush puppy. He's probably watching his favorite show of late. (Seasame Street)

This picture has a story. Dad was at work and Mom (Monica) had to use the restroom and she left Marshall in the bed on his back watching country music videos. When Mom (Monica) returned she found him like this. He's getting so big. The debate is on Defensive Lineman or Kicker?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

little one, lots of visitors

Just in case you needed birth control . . . he isn't exactly happy ALL the time. :) This is when he found out my parents and gradndparents left while he was asleep. Poor baby!

But sometimes he is very quiet, just not right now. :)
Now you can't be mad at me for never posting a picture of myself.
We loved our visit from grandma, grandpa, grumpy, and gigi.
Ozzy and I are having a quiet week keeping busy with Marshall and daddy's work. Lucky for us, he's the boss this week, so we'll get to see a bit more of him. hooray! I was loving stroller walks hunting for sidewalks, but the weather turned cool this weekend. We did get out today. Marshall liked scaring birds and cats by yelling at them. He is funny!
He also likes to look at Julia Roberts. She was on a movie I was watching when he woke up from his nap. Maybe it's the big mouth. He was not too impressed with Hugh Grant.
I found two more skirts I can fit in! I'm still afraid to try on the pants. I'm lucky they're lost in a box in the basement for now!
And I just discovered that Jack Johnson puts him to sleep. Seriously. Found out just now when he started playing from our playlist. I need to find that CD before bedtime tonight . . .

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A few more pictures and an update

Poor Marshall has thrush. He was extra cranky and had a little white stuff on his lip and tounge, so I took him to the dr. and scored some meds for him. This is him sleeping on dad and watching TV last night.

More daddy boy bonding . . . .
On the upside we found out that he weighs 11.6 pounds! Go baby go! He was a big boy and even tried to drink soy formula while we shopped this morning. I don't blame him for not taking much. That stuff smells terrible. This is Marshall bug this morning cuddling with daddy in our bed. This is before he peed. While I was putting lotion on him. All over the bed. He made a spot as big as he is! Guess he was saving it up.
Marshall is getting a new Auntie in December. Woo Hoo! Hooray for KK and Ruth! We bought plane tickets for their WA reception today.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Five minutes

That's about how long I have to put up this post before little bug loses it and we have to go upstairs. Here are some pictures I've taken. This is from the morning of Sept 16. I was so excited, he could smile on demand! If he's not hungry, gassy, mad, messy, etc. :)

Here he is on the 22nd! How cute is that smile?!?!

Last night . . . the boy LOVES a bath, but only if dad is in charge.
Last night, in his favorite blanket for playing peek-a-boo. He sat up like this for a good 15 minutes!
This morning . . . after a frustrating night. :) He's having a growth spurt and got mom up for a snack every two hours starting at 2 am.

Alright, well, there's the latest bits and pieces. I'm out of time, he's ready to get out of this seat and play, so I'll hopefull post again someday! Have fun with the pics!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ok, sorry,

I will put more pictures on here. Probably on the weekend. When I have people around to entertain our little beetle. He's doing good and gtting big. He can roll from his tummy to his back now, but only once a day, Then he gets mad because he can't figure out how to do it again. My WHOLE FAMILY is coming this weekend. This will be good. I will still get to snuggle my boy. I am the almighty food source. :) OK, he wants to go upstairs now. I promise, pictures, soon. And I'll try to think of something interesting and not gross to tell you. The postpartum funness doesn't seem appropriate.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Having Fun In Baby Town!

Well here we are at 3 Weeks and 2 days old. We took him to the doctors to get him weighed and he now weighs 9.5 pounds and is still 21 inches long. Okay does anybody see something wrong with this picture?

(This what happens when dad tries to dress him for bed at midnight)
We took mom to the airport Tuesday afternoon and she was really sad to leave, we are so ever greatful for her coming and spending some time with us. Marshall was funny he knew grandma was missing later that night, He kept looking for her. Marshall loves his grandma very much.

When one binki is not enough.

When we got back from the ariport, we all laid in are bed and took a well deserved nap. Here is Marshall posing for the camera again.

The past two nights he's started to get on a schedule. Each night he's slept for 4 to 5 hours. This looks very promising, I think he knows dad has to go back to work next monday. Before he goes to sleep he has to watch ESPN News for a half an hour and an hour of the Olympics.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Milk Coma

Well here we go again Marshall is 2 weeks and 4 days old. Her he is in this picture with mom doing some tummy time on his duck blankie. Look how he shows off his little biceps in this picture. He's an animal. The little guy is getting bigger. He's now two inches longer coming in at 21 inches tall. He still weights about 9 pounds.

As you can tell this little one likes to eat alot, mom is really tired trying to keep up with his eating schedule.
Here is a picture of him in what we like to call a "Milk Coma". Look at the facial features he presents there so cute. The whole time he just sits ther motionless, staring either at mom or at the ceiling. Some of this content was Rated mature so I went ahead and edited and added a Happy Clown Face guy. Will try to update pictures every couple of days. Until next time enjoy all the pre-seaon football games.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Angels in little packages!

Here are some updated pics of our little angel. He has learnedsome new tricks over the past few days. The first one he can now hold his binki in his mouth all by his self with no hands. Pretty amazing I think.

The Second trick he has learned is that he likes to roll on his side and sleep. This scares mommy and daddy, but he loves to do it. We also found that he likes his new swing. Here he is rocking out in it.
The third trick that he has learned is hes a true blue bronco fan. he's definently not a colt or redskin fan because he slept through the whole game yesterday night. We dont know about the seahawks yet but theres a 50/50 shot that he could be both a broncomaniac and a hawkiman!

And last but not least the last trick he has learned is to pee over his head, this boy is amazing and the arc is perfect. Sometimes he gets himself in the ear. With all of these trticks mom and I are very impressed, and we love are boy to death. These pictures are only a day or two old were trying to keep them fresh for you all. <@:-)>
Thank You Lord For Our Angel!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

More Marshall, Lots More Marshall!

Here's the proud grandma with her first grandbaby! She LOVES him. Last night he slept pretty well. The last 2 1/2 hours I let him sleep on me because his nose was stuffy, so we didn't find grandma until almost 8 today. I think grandma was missing her Marshall time! This picture was taken . . . I think on Monday, so almost a week ago. Dang it.
This is Marshall's 1 week old picture on the duck blanket Grandma made for him. We'll take his picture on that blanket every Tuesday. Hopefully.
Daddy with his boy! We took this . . . after Tuesday sometime. The days are a little blurry from the waking up. Speaking of waking up, I think I hear him getting hungry, so I have to hurry!
This is Marshall today! Before his bath. Now he smells cuter. Babies smell cute. i don't know why. Want a funny story? Last night . . . at like 1 am, Ozzy was changing him and he called for me. I hauled myself into the nursery and Ozzy is freaking out. Our boy is pooping and peeing all over him while he's trying to change his diaper! Poor Ozzy. He almost threw up, I think. The night before, Marshall was sleeping on Ozzy and he peed all over him. Ozzy wondered why Marshall never pees on me. You don't use your kitchen for a bathroom, that's why. :) Why are all our funny stories about bodily functions? Maybe it's the sleep thing . . . .
Anyhow, we're excited for when more of you can come visit us!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sleep Depravation or Hooray for Grandma!

Here's our boy at 3 days old! (Sorry, we haven't uploaded pictures in a few days. We're trying to remember to bring the camera downstairs!) We thought he looked funny in his little bitty carseat. Well, I guess to him it's a giant lazy boy. He LOVES that thing! If I have the presence of mind, I'm going to pop him in there one night when he's fussy and see if it calms him down!

Another 3 day old picture. Just think, he's even cuter now! Right now he's napping. This means I should probably be napping. It takes babies a couple weeks to learn night and day, so we're still learning to deal with interrupted sleep and play time at 3 am. Last night he did really well. He woke up every two hours to be fed and checked for messes. This made me sleepy, but he did go right back to sleep every time. Some nights he wants to stay up for 2 or 3 hours. Did you know that I l,ove Lucy and Leave it to Beaver are about your only non-paid-programming options at 4am? I guess there's an old sporting event on ESPN, but I'm trying to stay awake so I don't drop the poor thing! Luckily, grandma (my mom) is here for a few weeks and is an early riser, so when I'm sitting up with him and I hear her downstairs, we decide it's "grandma time". This gives Ozzy and I up to 4 hours of un-interrupted sleep! My boy likes to nap in the morning. Ozzy is good about getting up with him, changing him, and rocking him to sleep. I still have to get up, as the food supply. :) We love our boy and we REALLY love Grandma!
I'll post a pic of me with the baby soon. I still looked 6 months pregnant after he was born, and that's a little depressing. Normal, but still. Anyhow, Feeding him has made my belly slim down a lot and I look more like 3 or 4 months along. Woo hoo! I guess all that late night sleepy baby snuggling has to have a payoff, right?

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Marshall has arrived!!!

Our little addition has finally arrived. He was born July 22, 2008 at 7:14pm. He came into this world weighing in at 8lbs 11oz and 19inches tall. Monica and I are proud to present to everyone our son Marshall Austin McDonald.

We Brought Marshall Home July 24, 2008 (Pioneer Day). It took the little tike a little bit to adjust to his new enviorment. But he is doing well now. He's sleeping and eating alot. He's on his way to being as big as his daddy.

Monday, July 21, 2008

No baby yet . . .

I wasn't dilating fast enough and they kept sending me home. In labor. Even when I told them my doctor was going to break my water. So we went Friday and we talked to our doctor who felt really bad. He wanted to break my water and deliver the baby that day, before he went on vacation, but the hospital was too full. There was a lot of sad things that needed taking care of, like stillborn babies and babies with neurological problems. So we went home with strong contractions 1 1/2 min apart and got my mom from the airport. The baby knows about weekends, I guess, because I wasn't very uncomfortable Saturday or Sunday. The contractions have started to build again today. If the hospital won't keep me by Wednesday, I have an appointment with a baby doctor and hopefully he will send me in to have the baby. I'm getting pretty impatient. If you think I'm impatient, you should see my mom. If you think she's impatient, you should see Ozzy!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

baby time

YES! I was not a know-it-all obnoxious first time mom when I doubted that the nurses should have sent me home yesterday. When I went to the doctor today, he couldn't figure out why they sent me home at 3 1/2. He was planning to come back that afternoon and help me have a baby. So, here's the plan.
I'm now a 4 and 80%. This is enough to break water. My doctor is not on call today, so he says tomorrow is better for him. I'm supposed to take naps and do the stuff that "supposedly" induces labor. Since I'm still in early labor, these activities will just make my contractions stronger and closer. When they're stronger and closer, I go to the hospital. He won't let them send me home. If he thinks he needs to, he'll break my water. Then we will get a baby. (I skipped the pain part.)
We are planning to go to the hospital late tonight or early tomorrow morning so I can have my doctor. We'll go earlier if I'm in pain or Ozzy can't wait anymore. Poor guy, he's so restless and excited for the baby that he's moving furniture. He wants his baby to come!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

False (ish) Alarm

I woke up with what I thought at first were cramps at 3:30am. Then I realized I was fat. Then I remembered that I am pregnant and these are contractions. After the ice water and pee routine, it was 3:45. And I was bored. So, I timed the contractions. They were not very painful, but bothersome enough that I wasn't able to sleep. They started out 6-8 minutes apart, but quickly normaled out at 4-5 minutes. By 5:45 I was REALLY bored, so when Ozzy woke up a little, I clued him in and he decided we might as well go to the hospital and see if this was the real thing.
I got there and they strapped me into all the monitors and checked me. The nurse decided I was almost 3cm. At least these contractions were doing SOMETHING. Ozzy was very sleepy and I felt badly about that. We watched the monitor screens until my doctor came by to see what was going on at a quarter to 7. He said it was good that I was at a 3. The plan was to check just after 7. If I was 4cm, we stay and have a baby. If I was still 3 but in more pain than when I came, we stay another hour. If I was at a 3 with the same pain I came in with, we take drugs, go home, and sleep. This early labor can take forever.
Well, a different nurse came in to check me. She said I was at 3 1/2 cm. Not really fitting with any of our game plans. I was not in more pain than when I came. The funny thing is when she checked me, I bled because, well, people usually don't poke other people's cervixes. She didn't realize it and snapped the glove off. There was blood everywhere. It was funny. And gross. And now Ozzy and I think she's an idiot, so when it's baby time, she better not be one of our nurses!
The other nurse gave me a percosett and sent me home to sleep more and come back if I get really painful labor or if my water breaks.
After Ozzy fed me breakfast, he went to work. He tried to call to check up on me, but I was OUT. I didn't even hear my phone. He got worried and made his sister wake up to come see if I was okay. Luckily another one of his phone calls woke me up and he could tell his sister to go back to sleep. It's crazy right now because I can't feel the contractions. Maybe justa little tightening. Hooray for drugs!
So, now we see if, when the drug wears off, my contractions hurt a lot. If they do, we go back to the hospital. If not, but they still bother me, no biggie. I have a doctor appointment tomorrow morning early and he can decide whether we should go over there and try to have a baby again.
On our way out, this man was calling in at the doors because he was sure his wife was in labor. She was smiling and her hair was done and she was in a dress and heels and had makeup on. They are so getting sent home. In the lobby, a man was bringing his wife in. She was breathing crazy, looked really mad, and her hair and clothes were all messy. She is NOT getting sent home!

Monday, July 14, 2008

No baby yet

We didn't get our storm on Sunday, so I'm still pregnant. Instead of a storm, they took me for a walk and put me in the pool. Today I'm still having early labor pains, but they last all day now and I don't get a 6 or 8 hour break. They're far apart, though. The storm is supposed to come in tomorrow night, so Ozzy hopes that'll cause me to start labor.
My mom scared Ozzy today. She called his phone on accident while he was at work. She never calls his phone, so he was afraid I went to the hospital by myself.
Ozzy is still arresting people like crazy at work. He still loves his job. This is good. He's excited to take time off to spend with the baby and I, though.
That's about all that's new, except I've become a coupon clipper for diapers, wipes, bum cream, bottles, and all things baby. This reminds us of Ozzy's grandma. :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Still preggo . . . .

I have the most amazing cervix. Still 2 and 50%.
The doctor says he doesn't know when the baby will decide to come out. It could be any day, or I could end up overdue. We're supposed to get a storm Sunday. Ozzy hopes that makes the baby decide to come out. Everyone pretty much wants him to hurry up and come out and play. I figure I haven't had enough discomfort yet, so he's going to stay in a little while longer. I am getting bored of being a big fat lady. Oh well. Nothing to do but wait, right?

Hey, but look what my Ozzy put on to cheer me up!

Ok, its really for the Scottish Festival we're going to Saturday. Maybe going somewhere a little far from our house will convince the baby to inconvenience us and decide to come so Ozzy can drive like a crazy man in a skirt . . . . KILT (sorry Kevin!)


My hubby loves 'em . . . .