Mo, Ozzy, Marshall, and Malcom taking naps and having fun!

Friday, January 21, 2011

When its cold outside . . . .

So, what are two little  boys to do when its 15 degrees outside so we can only play out there for 20 minutes and Marshall is sad because he couldn't find any puddles to splash and didn't want to come in the house and Malcom is sad because he's getting two brand new, very sharp, little teeth and his gums hurt? 

Eat popsicles. 

And watch Yo Gabba Gabba, of course.  Happy January! 
January 20, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Momma's Boy

 Marshall is his momma's boy, and not just in looks . . . he loves books just like I do! 
 He even likes to look at big chapter books! 
 But this best part of this series of pictures, is that he's reading the book I've been reading to help with his sensory diet for occupational therapy.  (a sensory diet is activities we do with him to help him practice processing and integrating information from his 8 senses) 
 He's reading, "The Out of Sync Child Has Fun".  Its full of fun ideas for me to do with him. 
 I wonder if he's picked out any favorites? 
Maybe he'll mark them for me. 
I like to think he knows I'm trying to help him and appreciates it.  :) 

January 18, 2011

Mommy's Little Helpers

 The boys decided mommy needed help folding diapers and matching socks this morning!  Marshall was very proud of himself when he tumbled the basket off the couch. 
 Here he is making sure he got all of the clothes out of the basket. 
 See, he likes laundry! 
 Malcom just likes watching Marshall.  With his tounge hanging out. 
 Working together . . .
 Happy baby!  (with his tounge hanging out!)  Jan 18, 2011
Sweet boy . . .

The Many Happy Face of Malcom Vint

 Malcom has quickly learned that he get a lot of milage and attention for being cute for the camera!  We got a ton of cute pictures all at once. 

Isn't he sweet?  These were taken just a few days ago on the 16th!

Happy New Year!

 Malcom in his New Year's best . . .
 Marshall posing for the camera. 
He reminds me of a cute little froggy in this pic.  :D  These are from January 1st, 2011

Malcom's Mohawk Hat

2 or 3 posts ago, I had a picture of Marshall in his Bronco mohawk hat.  I just finished Austin's on Sunday, but Malcom's was done on Dec. 26.  Here are some pictures of him in it on the 27th. 
THAT TOUNGE!  I have so many picture os him with his tounge hanging out!   
BIG grin
 Marshall promptly stole the hat and when I found him, he was taking all my clothes out of the dresser and was wearing both hats!  He loves that . . . dumping my clothes AND wearing a lot of hats at once. 
 But don't let that serious face fool you . . . here's a big 'ol grin for GiGi! 

Ozzy's random pics for January 2011

Marshall, Austin, and Malcom all have Bronco mohawk hats and, apparently, the more hats you wear at once, the better fan you are! Marshall helped create this fashion statement for Malcom in his walker! (Jan 7, 2011)
This picture is from January 15. We are trying a gluten free, casien (something in milk) free diet for Marshall because that helps some children's autism symptoms. He LOVED eating the choco loco cookie bar we bought for him to try!
Malsom loves to smile for the camera. This picture is from January 16th.

Same day . . . Marshall is too busy watching Curious George to smile for the camera! But he makes other interesting faces . . .

Yesterday (Jan 17th) Malcom turned 7 months old! To celebrate, we let him ride Marshall's fire truck toy during Marshall's nap time.

He was VERY impressed with himself!

Cute shot of Malcom I got today when he was hamming it up for the camera!


My hubby loves 'em . . . .