Mo, Ozzy, Marshall, and Malcom taking naps and having fun!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Pictures . . . .

Ok, You asked for them.

I don't know why the REST of me lucks chubby in that picture. Ozzy was laying on the guest bed to get it. Maybe it's a camera angle thing.
You can see one tiny stretch mark that always escapes me. I forget they can crop up ANYWHERE. I know, Grandma is shocked at the background of the photo . . . Ozzy says he'd hang up a Seahawks flag if he had one.
Ozzy loves his baby. Even if he does completely freak him out sometimes! The other night he was trying to talk to him and baby rolled across his face. That was a shocking moment for somebody!

Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm blogging from my very own house . . .

After several tries, we finally have the interent at our house. Who knew Norton anti-virus was really, well, a virus in combination with our Quest broadband?

What's that you asked? How did I come to that conclusion?

Well, we got all the stuff we needed to set up our internet. We even scored a new Dell to make life less complicated. We sat down, plugged the modem in, started up "Quick Start" (a completely perfect example of false advertising on the part of our ISP), and it didn't work. We called technical support. They didn't know why it didn't work so they decided to send a repairman to our house. I went and monkeyed around in all the wires in the storage closet and discovered that every phone jack in our home goes . . . nowhere. The guy that lived here before had an elaborate set up, blasting high speed internet to every room in the house. (I think he was a gamer.) He left the set up . . . except the modem and router that connected all those lines.

So, we found the line that comes in the house. We redneck rigged a connection by taking the phone plate off the wall and using really long phone cords to hook our one computer to the line under the stairs.

It worked! We were almost ready to rock when OneCare (their personal protection software) yelled at us for having Norton. We didn't know we had Norton. It just comes on the computer. It tried to uninstall it and the whole thing shut down. When we turned it back on things were messed up and there was no pinging the modem . . . whatever the heck that means.

We talked to the nice man from India again . . . (what? What? Repeat that please? I felt like an idiot. I can understand kids, but not this guy!) . . . and we had to type in a lot of technical number stuff and BAM! Internet! So, now Dad can work in our basement when the baby comes. Which isn;t terrible because the basement stays cool. Everyone will want to be in the basement!

Now it will be harder for me to avoid posting photos . . .

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My husband IS the very best one . . . I can prove it.

So, yesterday was a bad day. My body hurt everywhere. Lately it's really uncomfortable to be pregnant . . . and it will, of course, get worse until he comes out to play. It isn't anything unusual on the global scale, Mo just isn't used to everything from her armpits down aching in some fashion! Even my butt hurts . . . from standing! It's crazy. It was also the day I had to work late, but I still ran to the store and I still actually cooked dinner. I just wasn't happy becuase I didn't feel good.

Then, Ozzy came home and brought a migraine he found in the control room. I was not in the nicey wifey mood because I didn't feel good, and he wasn't in the helpful superhero hubby mood because he didn't feel good. I think we both ended up grouchy. Especially since I had to sit through half the Jazz game on TV and he didn't feel well enough to enjoy half the Jazz game!

BUT, before the migraine, he did the bestest thing. The two days before our anniversary, we are going on our "babymoon" (I hear that's what they call the last quiet hotel room stay you will have until you are covering your grays and using oil of olay). We aren't just going anyplace. We're staying in the same cabin we stayed in for our honeymoon number two! Isn't that sweet?
I win. I have the best husband. :)

P.S. This isn't a good thing to argue with a pregnant lady over . . . I know you love your hubbies too . . . and husband types, take note of this move to score you some points down the road!

Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm eating Dots right now

Really, I am. Being pregnant makes me LOVE these things!

I didn't really believe that a baby in the womb that doesn't make noise would keep me up at night. Now I do. It's sometimes that I can't sleep, but usually that I am uncomfortable. It's starting to get cramped in there . . . and we still have a few more inches to grow and a good 5 or 6 pounds to add onto that baby! Wish me luck.
Frogs it is! We "de-girlified" the nursery on Saturday. No more cute ribbon curtains and flower wall clings. It's getting a little bit manly in there for our little guy.
It was such a busy weekend! We did our usual shopping with the family and we got nephew duty. This is him . . . trying to score his favorite beverage, apparently.

Here he is again! His parents HATE garden gnomes, so Ozzy loves 'em. Here's our guy, loving that gnome we decided to buy! He was kissing it and holding it with a death grip. The only down side to our munchkin adventure is that that boy is SURE he's supposed to call my Ozzy daddy. We'll work on it . . . .
We set up the dresser for the baby, and our new computer, and our lawn mower. We even used it! My mother-in-law got us some solar yard lights for mother's day, which we had fun putting up at like 10:00 last night. We are crazy. What did Ozzy score me for mom's day? A polka dot diaper bag, for reasons known to those who have seen my wardrobe, and the movie Juno. Woo hoo!
I guess that's all I have to say. One of these days I'll look presentable and be unbusy and take a picture of that belly, but at least I put SOME pictures on, right?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


OK, I have just discovered ominous signs of stretch marks running vertically on the sides of my odd looking tummy. So much for lotion once or twice a week. It's time to go daily. Anyone know where I can purchase stretch mark lotion by the gallon?

Monday, May 5, 2008

Mourning the death of the weekend

I've decided that is what makes Mondays tough. I'm just sad the weekend is over.
We had fun this weekend. We went shopping and did gardening. We were fully intending on going out Saturday night, but had our date in our house instead. We bought a movie and watched it while munching Dominoes. Oh well.
We are teaching a Sunday School class at church. It is going pretty well. They all like to come to class now because Ozzy brought his taser to show them. That noisy thing is a real crowd pleaser!
Back to school today, but only for these last four weeks. Sometimes I worry I'll be bored when I'm not here, but judging from the yardwork and the state of the "nursery" and the housekeeping jobs Ozzy picks up for me, I think I'll keep busy after all.
Jazz are in the playoffs this year. We are not basketball people. Ozzy likes to watch Jazz playoff games. Basketball makes me narcaleptic. I fall asleep by halftime, easy. This was true last year, so I can't actually blame it on the baby.
Lately I feel huge because I just keep getting bigger. I tell Ozzy I'm fat, but he says i'm just pregnant. I tell him I'll be fat after the baby comes out. Hello, jelly belly. Hmmm . . . those sound good . . .

Thursday, May 1, 2008

doctor's office insanity, bushwhacking, and other tales

I went to the doctor Tuesday. My doctor wasn't there because he was busy delivering babies. This is good. Well, good that he was doing his job, crazy for the office staff. So, I got blood drawn for my glucose tolerance test first. That drink was nasty. I got a brand new nurse at the lab, so I'm sporting an impressive battle wound from that. I got my sample taken care of, weighed in (3 1/2 more pounds), gave a blood pressure reading and then sat in an office. The nurse came in and we listened to the baby. Then a midwife came in to talk about the kidney stone incident and tell me there was glucose in my sample. I drank a whole bottle of glucose. Oh. So that was okay too. All in all it was a very long doctor visit. I've decided my doctor is very efficient.

Then we went to Ozzy's parents' house to harass that new baby and everyone else there. He is a screamer. Apparently bath time is not high on his hot list. That baby was angry! Ozzy still says he's really excited for our own screamer to come out and play. We hijacked all the people from that house and followed them to his aunt's house where we scored a free piano! Woo hoo! I hadn't played a note in at least 5 months, so it was pretty exciting for me. It was on wheels . . . that didn't actually roll, so I owe Ozzy, his mom, and his dad big time. It was a big job to get it moved into our living room! It's a little console piano, so it fits right behind the couch. I put the back of the piano to the couch so it wouldn't block the big picture window and so I could use all that nice light when I play. It has a couple of keys that need the action worked on and a tuning, but we'll get to that some other time. It's playable! Yay!

We are trying to reclaim our yard. The previous owner didn't even mow it. Ozzy's grass seed is coming up pretty well on the east side of the front lawn. That's what needed the most help. I am trimming back huge pokey bushes that I think will actually look good when they leaf out. We keep trying to start seeds and plant them in the gardens, but it keeps snowing at random. There was snow this morning. It's not like we live in Canada!

We bought a lawn mower. I think it might get its turn to shine this weekend. The back yard is going to seed, which may not be a bad thing, considering the bald patches where deer spent the winter!

I will post pictures. I fully intend to do it. Just today I considered letting one of my students snap a shot of my round self, but thought better of it. Maybe I'll make Ozzy do it tonight. Hey, there's a chance.


My hubby loves 'em . . . .