Mo, Ozzy, Marshall, and Malcom taking naps and having fun!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Fat Pants

This isn't supposed to happen yet. Unless you happen to be short and small of frame (me). I bought maternity pants. I am wearing them today. They are remarkably comfortable. They do not look like maternity pants (insert happy dance here). The dillema was this. Do I buy a bigger size of pants for work? Then buy a bigger size in a few weeks? Then a bigger size until they seem ridiculous? I decided to save a little cash, time, and perhaps sanity by jumping straight for maternity clothes. We'll see how this pans out! I CAN wear my normal pants, it's just uncomfortable and leaves a nasty red mark across my brand new belly. So, I will continue my hunt for the perfect pants . . .

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

And the results are in . . .

I decided to take a pregnancy test on Saturday night. We are pregnant! I'm about six weeks, so no baby until July, which is good news for the rest of my school year. My husband is freaking out excited. He's going to be a daddy! He tells everybody. :) I'm happy too . . . when I'm not sick. :) I'm getting used to the tired. So, that's our big news. I'll post pics when I look more pregnant and you can see how it goes along. Our baby is the size of a little bean! Woo hoo! I have to choose a doctor now and get in before Christmas . . . fun times! Good thing today is my last workday of the week!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Random stuff for your enjoyment . . .

First, a funny story from school. You know you love these. It was the Halloween party (I know, so delayed, but I keep giggling whenever I remember it!) and a mom came to help and brought her little toddler too. She said she asked her daughter what she wanted to be. The conversation went something like this:
"Do you want to be a princess?" "NO!" "Do you want to be a fairy?" "NO!" "How about a ballerina?" "NO!" "What do you want to be?" "A CHICKEN!"
tee hee!
This is my favorite. So, I had a fluffly white chicken with red legs, yellow feet, a beak, the works in my room. HILLARIOUS!
Second, a trip you should take in the winter if it's at all reaonable for you. A long time ago I took this trip with roommates and it was fun! If we find that I'm not pregnant, we're taking the trip as a consolation prize! Book a not too cheap hotel (that was our one big mistake) for a Friday night. You can go for Saturday night too. Drive up to Lava Hot Springs after work and eat at that cool pizza place. Go in the hot pools and stay out rediculously late. Go sleep in your hotel. Wake up and be lazy. Yay!
Third, Thanksgiving. CRAZY plans! Wednesday I'm off work. I make pies. Two dutch apple. I told husband that's what I was brinning to Thanksgiving and he said no. I made that pie for him for our first date and he loves it. I have to make two. Thursday afternoon, Thanksgiving at his Grandma's. Thursday night, Thanksgiving at his mom's. Friday morning, take a pregnancy test and go shopping. Get home quick to see my family who is coming down to visit. Saturday, sleep. :)
Fourth, trees. I LOVE real Christmas trees. My family never had a fake one. Husband HATES christmas trees. All of them. Since he loves me, he bought me a pre-lit artificial tree Saturday. It's a good middle-of-the-road option. Since he HATES them, he has to do Christmas trees like taking off a band aid. Hold your breath and rip. I have a Christmas tree in my living room! I think it's funny! Oh well, it's only two weeks early. :)

Friday, November 9, 2007

if i have to

Hubby gave me a ring at lunch today (I know! He's totally sweet!) and told me he was e-mailing me pictures from his phone to put on my blog . . . . and I needed to put them up. I love you. I'll send some to myself of you . . . tee hee hee! Here are the pictures. The first one is a little dramatic looking. I was hiding from the camera. The second one has an ocean theme . . . I'm being lazy at his parents' house (Hi Kevin and Becky!). No, I wasn't wearing clamshells. This is Utah, silly!

rock it like you mean it . . .

You know I have a tendancy to risk some outfits that are just a little bit too much. Well, my husband, it turns out, doesn't mind being a little bit flashy himself! He sent these to me . . . all by his handsome self . . . to put up for the world to see! Well, the part of the world I like, anyway. Thanks, sweetheart! Above, we have the Mr. and Mrs. as doodlebops. You gotta love the Halloween isle! Here's my hubby in a historic photo. He has placed his head into one of those squishy baby chairs that have been recalled. I think he decided that end fit better . . . isn't he cute?

Monday, November 5, 2007


yeah. Me. My hubby and I have decided to chuck the pills and see about having a little one to entertain. Yep. Are we pregnant? Don't know. BUT, if we get two pink lines, promise I'll tell you all about it. I'm thinking I'd BETTER get two pink ones. For the past two weeks I get nausea daily, among other rather unfortuante pregnant lady symptoms. We'll have to wait and see. Promise to keep you informed, though. The real down side to this is that we live in Utah, so my family, mom especially, will be a bit sad about long distance baby. Oh well. This is the life I picked and I'm rather attatched to it!

here we go . . .

Once upon a time I was a pretty prolific blogger on myspace. I was at a strange piont in my life and funny stuff happened to me. Then, I moved to Utah, where I have no access to myspace and lost touch entirely with friends except to send a pretty but non-explanitory wedding announcement in April and by now you may think I've disappeared. Too bad for you. I have not. So, now you can delve into the randomness of my life on this blog. My poor hubby will be featured and I will warn you now, I am completely sappy and gushy and disgusting when it comes to him, so read at your own risk. I've missed you all and am excited to be in touch again.


My hubby loves 'em . . . .